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How do I change the blurb on the bottom of the outgoing quotes?

Go to cPanel > Profile > Email Settings

How do I enter square meter prices for Plantation Shutters?

Go to cPanel > Calculations > SQM Calculations > Plantation Shutters > Fields (Types).

How do I add 60% mark-up to Basswood Shutter prices?

Go to cPanel > Price Controller > SQM Calculations > Basswood Shutters, then add 60% hit update price.

Does it keep logs of all my price modifications?

Yes, all price modification activity is recorded into a log file, which you can reset to your original prices at any point.

How do we add new fabric options?

Go to cPanel > Feeds > Materials / Fabrics > Add New Fabric / Max Width > Add Fabric Colours.

How do we link fabrics related to price grids?

Go to cPanel > Calculations > Price Grids > Rollers > Type > Example: Price Group 1> Scroll Down & click on the ( + ) Button to link the materials.

How can I activate centralised location field for all my product range?

Go to cPanel > Calculations > Price Grids > Rollers > Enable the Main Location Field.

Does BlinQ Software that will extract the information received as a maintenance order?

Yes, BlinQ Software maintains a single client folder & sub job locations for each of the jobs.

How to integrate scheduling feature directly in to a website that would allow customers to setup up their own appointments? directly integrates with BlinQ Software which functions as an appointment scheduling from your current website as well as a chat platform.

Does BlinQ Software calculate distance from one job to another job & also creates a route map?

Yes, It allows to create the route map as well as the distance from the starting point using the jobs assigned for a particular staff member.

How to provide access to Wholesale Buyers to login & submit orders?

Simply add the wholesale buyer to your BlinQ account & set up the preferred prices to be viewed, they will receive an user invite to login & place orders.
Last modified 1yr ago